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Borg and Beck Continuous Clutch

Case IH Tractor 385/485/585/685 Borg and Beck Continuous Clutch Assembly

Before removing clutch, mark pressure plate to flywheel position for reassembly. Place an 11 mm nut under each release lever to relieve spring tension as clutch mounting bolts are removed. Remove pressure plate assembly and outer clutch disc from flywheel.

Identify flywheel side of clutch discs, if not already marked I to assure correct reassembly. Make alignment marks on separator plate and flywheel for reassembly, then remove separator plate and inner disc. Remove the three springs from flywheel.

Scribe alignment marks on clutch pressure plate, inner cover and outer cover and release levers to pressure plate lugs for reassembly in original positions.

Fig.17. Case Tractor Borg and Beck continuous clutch showing component parts and their relative positions

Remove release lever actuating plate (14). Remove the three adjusting screws (16). Place three Code 14 spacers (from clutch tool kit) on 912917 base plate. Position pressure plate on base plate so pressure plate rests on top of spacers. Install a 912724 spacer under and a stud through each mounting hole in clutch cover.

Thread studs into base plate, install flat washers and nuts on studs and tighten nuts evenly until clutch cover contacts spacers. Release the large release lever springs (21) from clutch cover tabs. Remove pivot pins (25) and release levers (27).

Remove springs (20 and 21), pivot pin (23) and needle bearing (24) from release levers. Loosen stud nuts evenly until clutch spring tension is relieved, then separate pressure plate components.

Remove snap ring (13) and tap bearing (12) from outer cover. Check release levers for wear on tips of fulcrum points and renew as needed. Check all clutch springs and renew if distorted, discolored or weak.

Inspect pressure plate for cracks, scoring or discoloration. Light scores may be removed by resurfacing, however maximum amount of material removed must not exceed 0.38 mm (0.015 inch).

If separator plate shows wear only on transmission side, further use may be obtained by reversing the plate. If plate is badly scored or cracked, it may be resurfaced providing amount of material removed does not exceed 0.76 mm (0.030 inch) total for both sides. Plate thickness when new is 17,78-17.90 mm (0.700-0.705 inch).

Make certain separator plate is a free sliding fit in flywheel teeth. A tight plate can cause PTO clutch slippage. A very loose plate may rattle when clutch pedal is depressed, however separator plate rattle does not affect clutch operation.

Install pressure plate into inner and outer covers and check side clearance between the three pressure plate lugs and their respective slots in covers. Side clearance should be 0,15-0.30 mm (5-0.012 inch). If slots are excessively worn, renew covers.

Inspect Case IH Tractor 385/485/585/685 clutch release bearing and renew if excessively worn or damaged.

To reassemble, position pressure plate on 912917 base plate so the Code 14 spacers are located below the release lever lugs, Place clutch inner cover (7) over pressure plate aligning marks made during disassembly.

Install springs on inner cover, then place outer cover over the springs and onto the studs and spacers aligning match marks on covers. Tighten stud nuts evenly until outer cover contacts the spacers. Assemble release levers and install in their original positions on pressure plate.

Using clutch actuating tool or other suitable means, actuate release levers several times to be certain clutch springs are properly seated. Install 912723 adapter in center hole of base plate.

Assemble 961845 guide pin into adapter and position Code 8 spacer on guide pin with recess side down. Install 961880 stud, 920203 gage and 961879 nut on the guide pin.

Hold gage down firmly, then check clearance between each release lever and the gage. The levers must just touch gage or be within 0.05 mm (0.002 inch) of gage. To adjust clearance, add or remove shims (10) under roller pads (11).

A variation of 0.025 mm (0.001 inch) in shim thickness will change release lever height approximately 0.114 mm (0.0045 inch). Adjust all levers to as near equal height as possible. Remove lever adjusting gage.

Reconnect release lever springs (21) in tabs of outer cover. Install adjusting screws (16), but do not adjust at this time. Place 11 mm (7/16 inch) nuts under each release lever, then remove nuts from base plate studs. Remove Case IH Tractor clutch assembly from base plate. Install release lever actuating plate (14).

Fig.18. Borg and Beck continuous clutch, use a pilot shaft made to dimensions shown

To reinstall clutch, place springs (1) in flywheel, then install inner disc with large hub towards flywheel. Install separator plate aligning marks on plate and flywheel made during removal. Install outer disc with side stamped "Fly-wheel Side" facing flywheel.

Install pressure plate assembly aligning match marks made during removal. Use a suitable pilot tool to align inner and outer discs, then tighten clutch mounting bolts evenly to 68 N>m (50 ft.-lbs.) torque.

Using a feeler gage through holes in cover, check clearance between end of adjusting screws and the pressure plate. Clearance should be 1.77 mm (0.070 inch). Adjust the screws as required, then secure with locknuts.