Specifications, Service and Repair of Farm and Lawn Tractors


Borg and Beck Independent Clutch

Case IH Tractor 385/485/585/685 Borg and Beck Independent Clutch Assembly

Before removing clutch, mark pressure plate to flywheel position for reassembly. Install retainers made from stiff wire over PTO clutch release levers to retain pressure of clutch springs. Remove bolts securing clutch assembly to flywheel, then remove clutch being careful not to drop inner clutch disc.

Install nine special long studs into appropriate holes in 912917 base plate. Place three Code 3 spacers on base plate, then install clutch assembly onto base plate and studs and arrange spacers so they are located below pto release lever lugs of pressure plate.

Install flat washers and nuts on studs and tighten nuts evenly until clutch is seated on base plate.

Fig.19. Case IH Tractor Borg and Beck Independent clutch used on models with Independent pto

Mark positions of the following components so they can be reinstalled In their original positions If reused: Pressure plates (2 and 20) and covers (6 and 23), pressure plate lugs and re-tease levers (28) and outer cover and release levers (18).

Install release lever actuator into base plate, depress pto release levers and remove release lever retainer wires installed during removal. Remove actuator from base plate. Remove release lever pivot pins and remove levers from cover.

Remove six bolts retaining clutch cover (23) to separator housing (6). Unscrew stud nuts evenly to relieve spring tension, then separate clutch components.

Inspect all parts for excessive wear or other damage. Friction surfaces of clutch cover and separator housing should be smooth and free of cracks.

Surfaces may be reground providing amount of material removed does not exceed 0.38 mm (0.015 inch). Check separator housing bearing (7) for smooth operation and renew if necessary.

Renew pressure springs if rusted, distorted or weak. Renew insulating washers (4) if damaged. Loose washers should be held in place in housing with suitable adhesive.

Inspect release levers and pivot pins for wear or damage and renew as needed. Renew release lever plates (30 and 31) if excessively worn.

To reassemble, install Case Tractor PTO pressure plate (2) on base plate and position three Code 3 spacers under plate at release lever lugs. Assemble PTO springs and separator housing on pressure plate.

Place three Code 13 spacers on friction surface of separator housing, then install transmission pressure plate (20), aligning assembly marks and positioning spacers under release lever lugs. Assemble springs and outer cover on pressure plate.

Install flat washers and nuts on studs and tighten until clutch is bottomed on base plate. Install six bolts retaining cover to separator housing. Install release levers and lever plates.

Install short adapter and release lever actuator into base plate. Actuate release levers about a dozen times to ensure components are properly seated, then remove actuator.

Thread guide pin into adapter, then place Code 16X spacer on guide pin with recessed side towards adapter. Install short gage on guide pin, then adjust screws (26) on transmission clutch release levers until lever plate just touches gage all the way around. Tighten locknuts to secure adjustment.

Remove short adapter from base plate and install long adapter. Install release lever actuator and depress pto release levers about a dozen times to ensure parts are properly seated. Remove actuator and install guide pin in adapter.

Install Code 16X spacer with recessed side facing down. Install long adjusting gage on guide, then adjust PTO release levers (18) until lever plate just touches gage all the way around. Remove gage, spacer and guide pin.

Remove pto release lever plate and PTO release lever pivot pins. Swing release levers outward clear of clutch. Install three stiff wire retainers over transmission release levers to retain clutch spring tension.

Remove cover retaining bolts, then loosen stud nuts evenly and lift clutch cover from separator housing. Remove spacers and install transmission clutch disc on separator housing with side marked "Flywheel" towards housing. Reinstall cover assembly.

Use a pilot tool or a clutch drive shaft to align clutch disc with separator housing bearing, then install nuts and washers on three studs and tighten evenly to clamp cover to base plate. Install the six cover retaining bolts. Remove wire retainers from transmission clutch levers.

Reinstall Case Tractor 385/485/585/685 pto clutch release levers, pivot pins and lever plate. Secure pto levers with stiff wire retainers used during removal, then loosen the three stud nuts and lift clutch assembly from base plate.

To reinstall, install inner disc with longer hub side towards flywheel. Position clutch assembly in flywheel aligning match marks made during removal. Use a suitable pilot shaft to align clutch discs, then tighten clutch mounting bolts evenly. Remove pilot tool from clutch.