Specifications, Service and Repair of Farm and Lawn Tractors


1006 Perkins Motor - Power Shuttle Spacer (MF 8200)

Removing and refitting the spacer

MF 8210, 8220, 8240 and 8250 Tractors equipped with a Power Shuttle are fitted with a spacer (16) (Fig1) inserted between the 1006 Perkins engine and the gearbox. The design of this spacer is similar to that fitted on the 8200 MF tractor equipped with a mechanical reverse shuttle. However, it should be noted that its closure disk has a different profile so that it can be fitted with the hydromechanical assembly of the power shuttle.

Split the tractor between the engine and gearbox. Disassemble the four screws (dia. 10 mm) on each front Silent Block on the right- and left-hand cab bearers. If the side fuel tank was not removed during the separation operation, drain the gas-oil and remove the footstep in question then the fuel tank.

Raise and block the cab. Remove the cab supports (right and left) and any adjacent parts likely to obstruct removal of the spacer. Drain the gearbox. Install protector on main shaft (19) (Fig1). Remove screws (1) (2).

Special point - In order to facilitate unsticking of closure disk (4) (Fig1), use the tapped holes and two screws of sufficient length to extract and maintain the disk before removing it. Scrap seal (3) (Fig.5).

Remove lube tube (78) from the power shuttle clutches located under the gearbox between spacer (16) and intermediate housing (19) (Fig4). Remove tubes (31) (86) (optional) and (74) (87) (94) and finally union (66) (Figs. 2 - 3). Remove the clutch from the power shuttle (optional) using the locally-made tool.

Removing the spacer - The cab inner floor contains an access door. If necessary, use the latter for accessing the top screws securing the spacer to the gearbox. Remove screws (1) (4) (5) (7) and nuts (8) on spacer (16). Remove washers (3). Assisted by an operator, unstick and remove the spacer. If necessary, extract studs (9) from the gearbox housing.

Refitting - Clean the parts and replace any that are defective. Remove all traces of old Loctite from the mating surfaces. Coat the mating face of the spacer (gearbox side) with Loctite 5206 or equivalent. Ensure presence of locating pins (6) (Fig4).

Studs (9) are smeared with Loctite 270 and locked into the gearbox. Refit the spacer. Coat the screws and nuts with Loctite 270 and torque to following values: screws (1) and nuts (2): 150 - 200 Nm, screws (4) (5) (7) and nuts (8): 100 - 130 Nm. If necessary, coat union (96) with Loctite 542 then screw it onto the spacer (Fig2).

If necessary, refit the front clutch of the power shuttle. Reconnect the tubes. Refit the 8200 MF tractor clutch and tubes. Ensure the presence of centring pins G (Fig1) on the closure disk (4) and of shims lubricating pump cover. Replace O'ring (3) (Fig5).

Coat surrounds P of the tapped holes with Loctite 5206. Grease the lip of the seal fitted on the closure disk. Fit the shaft with the protector used during disassembly. Screw two guide studs in opposing locations on the spacer, and reinstall closure disk (4) and finger (2) in the slot in pump body (1) (Fig5). Install long screws (2) in the same holes as those provided for the centring pins. Install screws (1) (Fig.1). Torque all screws to 36 - 46 Nm.

Refit the cab supports and any neighbouring parts that were removed. Coat the screws for the supports with Loctite 270 then insert and torque to 200-260 Nm. If it was removed, reinstall the access door in the cab floor. Service the oil in the sumps and check level on sight glass located on left of centre housing.

Remove the props and set back the cab. Torque up the screws (D=10 mm) on each Silent Block support to 50 - 70 Nm. Reassemble the tractor between the Perkins 1006 Motor and gearbox. Check the following: tightness of hydraulic unions and mating face, operation of the power shuttle.