Specifications, Service and Repair of Farm and Lawn Tractors


Massey Ferguson 6470 Tractor Specs Overview

Massey Ferguson 6470 Tractor Engine

Power at 2200 rpm, ISO hp (kW) - 125 (91)
Model - PERKINS EEM 1104C-E44TA
Number of cylinders/displacement - 4 / 4.4 Turbo
Injection pump - Bosch VP30
Fan - Viscostatic
Intercooler - Air
Alternator - 80 A

MF 6470 Tractor Gearbox

Gearbox model - GBA20 (4x4)
Clutch/shuttle - Power Shuttle
Type - Dynashift
AutoDrive - optional
Creeper unit 4/1 - optional
Creeper unit 14/1 - optional

Massey Ferguson 6470 Tractor Rear axle

Axle model - GPA20
Final drives - HD
Axle shaft D - 76 mm
Flanged shaft - standard
Brake discs per trumpet housing - 1
Hand brake discs - 3
Differential lock - Dog clutch


Stabilisers - telescopic
Multi-hole drawbar - optional
3-point linkage - Cat. 2/3, hook or ball type
Clevis hitch - Fast-setting or pin-adjusting scale
Automatic clevis hitch - Fast-setting or pin-adjusting scale
Hitch stud - Stud or auto-hitch
Swinging drawbar - standard
Roller type swinging drawbar - optional

MF 6470 Tractor Power take-off

Type - Interchangeable / shiftable shaft
540/1000/eco - optional
750/1000 - optional
Number of clutch discs - 4
PTO brake - hydraulic
Proportional PTO - optional
Automated PTO - optional
Front power take-off - optional

Massey Ferguson 6470 Tractor Front axle

Model - AG 105
Type - Fixed
Rotational direction - Clockwise
Number of clutch discs - 5
Swivelling mudguard (4WD) - optional
2-wheel drive - optional
Front linkage (optional) - 2.5 T

MF6470 Tractor Hydraulics

Open Centre 57 l/min - optional
TFLS 100 l/min - optional
Closed Centre 110 l/min - optional
Orbitrol steering - 125 cc
Brake master cylinder - standard
Braking assistance - optional
Trailer brake - optional
Auxiliary spool valves (maximum number) - 4 electrohydraulic (2 SMS) or 4 mechanical
Couplers - Decompression


Transmission control - AUTOTRONIC 3
Instrument panel - DCC2
Linkage controller - EHRC
Draft sensors - 2
Sensor capacity - 4 T (standard) or 6 T (optional)
Datatronic - optional
Dual control (front and rear) - optional
TIC with/without draft sensor - optional
Fieldstar - optional


Suspension - optional
Rear-view mirrors - manual (standard) or electric (optional)
Air conditioning - manual (standard) or automatic (optional)
Standard bonnet - Fixed
Bonnet option - Hinged
Standard roof - standard
High-visibility roof - optional

MF 6470 Tractor Gearbox - Mainshaft

The mainshaft (69) is mounted on two taper roller bearings (1) (17) with bearing cups (2) (16), resting in the two lower bearings of the main unit. Each bearing cup has a root face giving it maximum contact with the housing. At the front it receives the drive pinion (67).

Between the two lower bearings, it holds the 1st (7) and 2nd (14) idle mounted drive pinions, as well as the 1st and 2nd gear synchromesh assembly (11), whose hub is held by splines. At the rear, it holds the 4th gear drive pinion (18) and the 3rd and 4th gear synchromesh assembly (23).

The 1st, 2nd (11) and 3rd, 4th (23) synchronizers are of the double cone type. The rear bore contains a needle bearing that holds the front end of the output shaft. The turning parts are lubricated by a central channel and radial bores.

The taper roller bearings are mounted with preload obtained by shim(s) (3) inserted between the serrated washers (6) positioned against the drive pinion (67) and the ring (8). A washer (77) with flat sections acts as a stop for the 1st drive pinion (7).

Parts list

(1) Bearing cone, (2) Bearing cup, (3) Shim(s), (6) Serrated washers, (7) 1st drive pinion, (8) Ring, (11) 1st, 2nd double cone synchronizer, (14) 2nd drive pinion, (16) Bearing cup, (17) Bearing cone, (18) 4th drive pinion, (23) 3rd, 4th double cone synchronizer, (26) Circlip, (33) 4th synchronizer cone, (47) 3rd synchronizer cone, (67) Drive pinion, (68) Nut, (69) Mainshaft, (70) Snap ring, (71) Lubricating pipe, (72) Spring, (73) 1st synchronizer cone, (74) 2nd synchronizer cone, (77) Washer with flat sections, (78) Tab washer

Disassembling and reassembling the shaft

- To take out the mainshaft, it is necessary to remove the gearbox.

- Split the MF 6470 Tractor between the gearbox and the rear axle.

- Split the gearbox from the engine. Remove the selector cover.

- Remove the input unit assembly. Remove the layshaft.

- Remove the selector rail and the forks. Remove the output shaft. Take off circlip (26).

- Remove 3rd, 4th synchronizer (23) and cones (33) (47). Note the assembly order.

- Position locking tool and the holding sleeve of shaft (69), made locally.

- Remove lubricating pipe (71) and spring (72).

- Remove the safety device from nut (68) and loosen with socket.

- Remove drive pinion (67) with cone (1).

- Remove washers (6) and shim(s) (3). Remove the tool and sleeve.

- Pull the shaft out of the housing backwards, while holding the 1st, 2nd pinion assembly together.

- Remove 1st, 2nd pinion and synchronizer (11) assembly with ring (8). Remove cups (16) (2).

- If necessary, remove washer with flat sections (77), extract cone (1) (17) and remove snap ring (70).

- Clean the housing and the mating faces.

- With compressed air, check that no channels in the MF6470 Tractor gearbox or in the shaft are clogged.

- Clean and check all components. Replace any defective parts. Lubricate cones, cups, bearings bores and the ring.

- Using a suitable fixture, press fit bearing cone (17) on shaft (69) (if removed). Fit snap ring (70). Install cups (2) (16).

- Install the 1st, 2nd pinion, synchronizer (11), cones (73) (74) and ring (8) assembly.

- Fit the shaft from the rear of the housing while holding the pinion / synchronizer assembly together, making sure that ring (8) is correctly fitted in pinion (14).

- Install locking tool and locally made holding sleeve. Force-fit cone (1) on pinion (67).

- Install washers (6) separated by a number of shims (3) sufficiently thick to obtain a temporary clearance of 0.10 to 0.15 mm approx in preparation for shimming with preload.

- Install pinion (67) on shaft (69). Fit the nut (68) using socket and tighten to 130 - 170 Nm.

- Remove the tool and sleeve. Shim the shaft.

- Position the dial gauge feeler pin at the end of the shaft.

- From the front of the housing, pull the shaft, turning it alternately from left to right in order to correctly seat the cones in the cups.

- Reset the dial gauge to zero. Repeat operation, but this time by pushing.

- Depending on the clearance measured, select the thickness of final shims required and necessary to obtain a preload: P1 = 0.14 mm to 0.20 mm. If possible, shim to the maximum tolerance.

- Install the locking tool and the holding sleeve. Loosen nut (68).

- Remove pinion (67). Position shims (3) selected during measure operation between two washers (6).

- Install the pinion. Degrease the thread of the shaft with a solvent.

- Lightly smear new nut (68) with Loctite 270 then tighten to 130 - 170 Nm.

- Lock the nut in place by bending the collar into the grooves using a suitable drift.

- Insert spring (72) and lubricating pipe (71) in the shaft.

- Remove the tool and the holding sleeve.

- Fit pinion (18), 4th, 3rd synchronizer cone (33) (47) and 3rd, 4th synchronizer (23). The lubrication grooves are directed towards the 4th pinion (18).

- Fit a new circlip (26), opening it as little as possible. After assembly, check that the circlip is not bent.

- Manually check: the end play of the pinions / the rotation of the shaft and its pinions.

- Check that the 1st, 2nd synchronizer operates properly. Install and shim the output shaft.

- Refit the layshaft. Refit the input unit assembly.

- Shim the layshaft. Install the forks and the selector rail.

- Refit the selector cover. Couple the Massey Ferguson 6470 Tractor gearbox to the engine.

- Couple the gearbox and the rear axle.

- Check operation of electric circuits. Carry out the road test on the controls.

- Check for hydraulic tightness of the unions and mating faces (selector cover, gearbox on rear axle).