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Massey Ferguson 6480 Tractor Specification Review

MF 6480 Tractor Engine Specs

Engine Model - Perkins 1106D-E66TA
Engine Power, Rated, hp (kW) - 145 (108)
Engine Speed, rpm - 2200
Power Boost, hp (kW) - No boost
Fuel Tank, gal (L) - 70 (270)
Cylinders - 6
Displacement, cu in (L) - 403 (6.6)
Engine Bore, in (mm) - 4.134 (105)
Engine Stroke, in (mm) - 5.0 (127)
Block Design, Replaceable Liners - Parent bore
Aspiration, Turbocharged or Naturally Aspirated - Turbo air to air aftercooled
Fuel System Type - High Pressure Common Rail
Fuel System Control - Electronic
Fuel Injection to combustion chamber - Direct
Emission Level - Tier 3
Exhaust Pipe - Vertical
Fan Drive Type - Belt
System Rating, Volts - 12
Alternator Rating, Amps - 120 Std / 150 Opt

Massey Ferguson 6480 Tractor Transmission

Description - Auto 6 Semi Powershift
Transmission Type - Synchronized Gear
Forward / Reverse Speeds - 24F / 24R
Maximum Speed Forward, mph (kph) - 24.9 (40)
Creeper Range - Yes
Shuttle (Forward-Reverse) - Yes

MF 6480 Tractor PTO

PTO Horsepower, hp (kW) - 120 (89.5)
PTO Speeds, rpm - 540 / 540E / 1000 / 1000E
PTO Type - Independent


Drive Wheels - 2WD / 4WD
Steering - Front Steer

Massey Ferguson 6480 Tractor Rear Axle

Final Drive - Planetary / Inboard
Axle Output End - Bar standard
Suspended Front Axle - Opt / Std w/50Kph Trans


Brake Type - Wet Disc

MF6480 Tractor Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System Type - Closed Center PFC
Main Hydraulic Pump Type - Gear Pump
Standard Pump Flow, gpm (Lpm) - 29 (110)
Standard Remote Valves - 2

3-Point Hitch Features

3-Point Hitch - Category 2
Draft Sensing or Lift Control - Lower Link
Draft Link Ends Adjustable - Yes

MF 6480 Tractor 3-Point Hitch Lift Capacity

Standard Lift Capacity 24 Inches behind pin, lb (kg) - 9,391 (4260)


Drawbar Description - Swinging


2WD, in (mm) - 111.3 (2827)
4WD, in (mm) - 111.3 (2827)

Tire Size

Front Tire Size, 2WD - 10.00 x 16
Front Tire Size Width, 4WD - 14.9R28
Rear Tire Size Width - 18.4R38

Massey Ferguson 6480 Tractor GPA20 rear axle

The MF6480 Tractor rear axle comprises four main housings:

- the centre housing which contains the crow nwheel and pinion, the power take-off transmission in all variants as well as the 4-wheel drive tractor transmission, the hand brake control mechanism and the main brakes. It also supports the two trumpet housings, the linkage cover plate, and the side cover plates.

- the right and left-hand trumpet housings fixed to each side of the centre housing, acting as a housing for the rear wheel drive system.

- The linkage cover plate fitted to the top of the centre housing supports the linkage arms, which are connected to the Massey Ferguson 6480 Tractor hitch.

Centre housing assembly


The pinion is driven by the gearbox output shaft, attached to the connecting shaft by splined sleeves. The helical crown wheel and pinion assembly transmits the drive to the trumpet final drive units.

A differential lock system with a dog clutch and activated by hydraulic pressure is incorporated into the unit. The differential lock is controlled either by the Autotronic 5 for models fitted with a Power Shuttle, or by an electrical circuit for models fitted with a mechanical reverse shuttle.

4-wheel drive clutch

A driving gear attached to the pinion drives the counter driven gear of the 4WD clutch assembly. Drive is then transmitted via the Belleville washers to the clutch output shaft.

The 4WD clutch is hydraulically activated. There is therefore no possibility of accidental disengagement of the 4WD clutch in the event of hydraulic failure.

MF 6480 Tractor Power take-off drive line

The rotation of the shaft passing through the gearbox, proportional to engine speed, is transmitted to the hydraulic clutch located at the front of the centre housing.

In the clutch engaged position, drive is transmitted by an intermediate shaft and a set of driving and driven gears to the 540 or 1000 rpm PTO shaft.

Speeds are selected by a system of interchangeable shafts or by shifting. A hydraulic brake mechanism stops the rotation of the PTO shaft in the disengaged position.

Two additional options are offered:

- 4 speed economy PTO.

Hand brake assembly

A brake assembly comprising three discs and an expanding mechanism is fitted to the pinion.

Main brakes

Two pistons fitted laterally into two cavities in the centre housing act on two discs attached to the trumpet housing input sun gears. The brake pistons are activated hydraulically.

MF6480 Tractor Front Axle Spec

Axle model - 740/605
Axle type - Fixed Suspended
Length between flanges (mm) - 1784
External length (mm) - 2088
Length between steering pivots (mm) - 1520
Pivot angle - 5.5°
Castor angle - 5°
Camber - 1° 1° 1°
Weight filled with oil (kg) - 620
Differential oil capacity (litres) - 9
Oil capacity per final drive (litres) - 2
Pivot shaft diameter (mm) - 60
Stud useful length (mm) - 50
Stud distribution diameter (mm) - 335
Rim centring diameter (mm) - 280.6 +0/-0.3
Input shaft - 2 jaws of 1410
Rotational direction - anti-clockwise
Total ratio - 17