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Massey Ferguson 3645 - Troubleshooting assistance

Yesterday I noticed the damage on my MF 3645. Diesel engine doesn't crank. Explain me what is the failure?

Fuel grade is wrong. Drive high pressure fuel pump is broken. Diagnose and change. Incorrect fuel injection pump timing. Adjustment required.

Massey Ferguson 3645 malfunctions. Poor engine performance. How to solve the problem?

Improper fuel. Insufficient compression or leaking valves. Operating temperature too low - Bring up to correct operating temperature.

Please explain me what is the reason that engine starts but stops after a short period of time?

Bearing bush burning-out. Check and replace it. Fuel line or fuel filter plugged.

3645 model trouble. Transmission shift hard at low speeds. What's fault?

Wrong transmission lubricant - Drain and fill with recommended lubricant.

Please give me information why my steering wheel rotates without resistance? What are my actions to troubleshoot?

Low oil index - Pour completely. Steering cylinder has problems - Change the seal. The steering pump is defective - Install a new pump.

I acquired MF 3645 in march. Presently there is breakdown. Diesel will not start. Can somebody help me determine a source of damage?

Starter failure - Need a replacement or overhaul. Dirt in the fuel system - Clean and wash. Filter element is dirty - Replace it. Piston rings are damaged - Replace the piston rings.

I have the same model. Recently, steering wheel turns hard. Tell me what are possible malfunctions?

Minimum Oil Rating. The front wheels are not aligned correctly. Steering gear not properly adjusted (too tight). hydraulic connection leaking. It is necessary to eliminate a damage. Power steering pump defect. Replace the pump. Hydraulic power steering is defective. Diagnose the power steering.

3645 tractor question. Diesel very hard starting. Help me please find prime cause of issue. What should I do?

High-speed and idle mixture needles not properly adjusted. Cold start system used incorrectly. Piston rings are wear or deformed. Broken Fuel Pump Drive Shaft. Water mixed in the fuel. Crankcase oil too heavy. Use oil of proper viscosity.

Massey Ferguson 3645 motor issues. Diesel hard to start permanently. How do i solve a problem?

Restriction in fuel tank vent. Air leaks on suction lines. Exhaust pipe is clogged. Low voltage - Charge battery. Injection fuel is little or the spray is not excellent. Filter clogged. Incorrect timing.

Steering does not operate on our tractor. Why did this happen?

The air is in hydraulic system. You should draw out air. Hydraulic oil small indicator in system. Fill the tank. Steering cylinder has problems Repair it.

Having used the same tractor. Why diesel motor failure to start? How do i solve a problem?

Improper valve timing - Set a valve timing. High or Low compression. Cylinder bores wear - You must fix it. Leaks between valves and seats - Eliminate leakage.

3645 tractor troubles. This is the engine knock. what kind of breakdown?

Oil of small quantity. Fill up. Engine out of time. Excessive engine load.

Please help to understand why front axle is cracking continuously at work?

This is gears damage. Replace gears. ball bearings are very worn out. You need to change it.

I own this model more than 3 years. Regularly diesel starting is very difficult. What a breakdown?

Injector has clog. It is required checking a nozzle. High-pressure fuel pump has a malfunction. Install a new high-pressure fuel pump.

I get the same tractor. Answer my question why differential lock can break suddenly? How to solve the problem?

Diaphragm damaged or discs friction clutch worn out. Change worn components.

We have MF 3645. Diesel engine not starting. Help me can i fix the problem?

Probably this is a clogged fuel filter. Or injection pump is improperly adjuste.

I have trouble. Motor overheating occurs. What could be the problem?

Lack of coolant in cooling system - Fill cooling system to proper level. Temperature thermostat is out of order, or insufficient coolant in tank. Check and replace the thermostat or replenish coolant. Too much load - you must reduce the load or speed. Loose or problem fan belt. Adjust belt tension.

My friend has Massey Ferguson 3645. Today he heard a crash in the rear axle. What's wrong?

All symptoms denote bearing problems.

Please explain me what happened if diesel exhaust white gas?

When white smoke appeared from exhaust pipe you required to carry out replacement of piston rings immediately. Deficient compression - Adjust top clearance.