Specifications, Service and Repair of Farm and Lawn Tractors


Massey Ferguson 8120, 8210, 8220 gearbox select cover - Gear linkage and reverse shuttle control cables

Massey Ferguson 8120, 8210 tractors with cab

Gear linkage (cab side)

On the end of control linkage representing an angle of 166°, direct ball joint. Tighten nut.

Screw ball joint into abutment on cable. Tighten nut.Install bracket on a work bench.

Install and torque-tighten the following parts onto the bracket:

- the gear lever
- the previously prepared control linkage and cable

Install and fix the bracket on the right wheel housing in the cab. During the operation, ensure the rod and cable are inserted through the openings in the bulkheads. Position the rub rings.

Gear linkage (selector cover side)

Gear linkage

Fit nuts (3) and ball joint (4) on threaded rod (9) then screw latter onto link rod (1). Screw ball joint (5) fully onto cable (6). Tighten nut (7).

Screw and lock the other end of ball joint (5) onto cam (8). Install bracket (2) and lever "L", then position cam (8) and bellcrank (10). Fit pins (11) and lock using new splitpins. Install ball joint (4) on lever "L". Fit the washer and tighten the locknut.

Adjusting link rod (1) - Turn threaded rod (9) and ball joint (4) so as to obtain a dimension "X" of 11 ± 1 mm between nuts (3) once latter are tightened.

Adjusting cable (6) - Adjust the cable stop so as to balance dimensions "C"and "D". Tighten nuts (12) without changing the setting.

Check for proper engagement of each gear ratio; also check the position of the gear lever in the opening in the control panel. This check is to be performed by temporarily moving the boot on the gear lever.

Engage each gear ratio and select the Hare / Tortoise range. During this operation, check that the lever does not come within 5 mm of the edge of the control panel. If no interference between the lever and the control panel is observed, the setting is correct. Put back the boot.

If the position of the lever is incorrect, return to the adjustment on the selector cover side:

- if interference in 1st or 3rd gears, reduce dimension "X".
- if interference in 2nd or 4th gears, increase dimension "X".
- by playing on dimensions "C" and "D", the gear lever can be moved around in the control-panel opening.

MF 8210, 8220 gearbox reverse shuttle control cables

cab side

Screw clevises level with the end of the threaded part of the cables.
Install the clevises on oscillating lever and position the clips. Tighten the nuts.
Slide the cable stops into the notches provided on housing. Position and tighten cover.

Assemble bracket to housing. Fix housing assy and bracket onto the frame of instrument panel. Ensure that the cables are fed through the openings in the cab floor. Position the feed-through ducts.

Install the floor covering. Install the surround of the instrument panel and associated items. Position the reverse/forward lever. Coat screws with Loctite 241 and install. Fit the boot.

Slide the cables through the clamp located above the MF 8120, 8210 4 WD transmission-shaft bearing and under the plate connecting the engine to the gearbox.

Selector cover side

Screw clevises (1) level with the end of the threaded part of cables (2).

Slide the cable stops (3) (Fig.74) in the notches provided on bracket (4). The cable marked with coloured adhesive tape (represented on figure by the letter "R" must be installed in the upper slot on bracket (4).

Should the mark be missing, position the cables in the notches such that the position of the reverse/forward lever in the cab represents the logical driving position, that is: forward drive - lever up/reverse drive - lever down.

With the engine stopped, set link (5) to the neutral position then fit the clevises. Position the clips. Tighten the nuts.

Adjusting cables

Progressively and alternately adjust the tension of the cables using cable stops (3) so that dimensions "X" and "Y" are identical (Fig.75). Tighten nuts (1). After adjustment, the unbent section of reverse/ forward lever must be almost horizontal.

Consecutively engage forward drive and reverse drive. Next check that linkage (5) (Fig.74) locks correctly without excessive tension in the cables.

Version for Massey Ferguson 8220, 8120 tractors with platforms

Two levers installed on the right floor of the footstep are respectively connected directly with related parts on the cover (Fig.76). They control operation of the reverse shuttle, selection of the four basic speeds of the gearbox, and the Hare/Tortoise range.

The operating principle (mechanical or hydraulic) remains identical to the system employed on the cab version. In addition, removal, refitting and disassembly of the cover are also similar operations.

It is worth noting that the position and contour of the levers is generally different, and that the system is simpler and more direct than on the cab version.

Reverse / Forward lever

- On MF 8220 tractors with a platform, the reverse shuttle is engaged when lever (1) (Fig.76) is moved either forward (for forward drive) or backwards (for reverse drive).

- Moving lever (1) causes rotation of the pin hardmounted to finger (8), the follower moves selector "S" (Fig.76).

Gear lever

Selecting 1st / 2nd gear

- Gear lever (2) pushes lever "L"and engages finger (9) in the 1st / 2nd gear fork.
- First gear is obtained by moving lever "L" forward and second gear by moving it rearward.

Selecting 3rd / 4th gear

- In this configuration, gear lever (2) is in the intermediate position. Finger (9) integral with shaft "A" is engaged in the 3rd / 4th gear fork.
- The third ratio is obtained by moving lever "L" forward, and the fourth ratio by moving it backward.
- Visually identify the location and position of gear lever and reversing lever. Remove pin and setscrew.

Torque values - Screw (4): 30 - 35 Nm (Loctite 241 or equivalent).

Adjusting the covers on the gear and reversing levers

Adjusting consists in positioning the covers without their interfering with levers, whilst ensuring maximum protection of the ball joints, irrespective of which gear is engaged.

Interference between the cover and the lever may cause vibration in the stacked parts, and possibly jumping out of gear.

Before adjusting, partially coat the inside of the covers with anti-seize grease or equivalent. Set the reverse/forward lever and the gear lever to the neutral position.

Loosen nuts. After adjustment, check the condition of the ball joint in the cover, for all positions of the lever.
Tightening torque - Nuts (1): 44 - 55 Nm.

Adjusting the Hare/Tortoise range


On cover

Install piston (3) fully against the bottom of the chamber (Hare position).

Position the arm of service tool in the piston groove, and place into contact with face "F" as shown. Maintain piston (3) in abutment before tightening knurled screws "V" on the tool cursor.

On the gearbox

Install the tool onto the gearbox housing. Fit the synchromesh ring against third gear "P" (Hare position). The shoes of the fork must be bearing on the synchromesh ring, on the 3rd gear side.

Coat the screws of selector "S" with Loctite 221 or equivalent and adjust so that face "F" is in from the arm of the tool by 0.2 mm minimum.

Provisionally refit the cover. Use a compressed- air source at 3 bar minimum to blow piston (3) into the Tortoise position.

Locate the opening under the gearbox and check the play of the Hare /Tortoise fork in the synchromesh ring. Maximum clearance = 1 mm.

After checking the play, remove the cover and definitively tighten the selector screws to 35 Nm without changing the setting. Definitively reinstall the cover.