Specifications, Service and Repair of Farm and Lawn Tractors


Case 1490, 1294 Tractor Synchromesh transmission with end plates, shift rods and shift forks

Remove operations

Remove platform or cab if so equipped. Drain oil from Case 1294, 1394, 1490, 1494, 1594 Tractor transmission and final drive units. Raise rear of tractor and install suitable support stands under center of rear main frame and at each side of front frame rails.

Disconnect battery ground cable and rear wiring harness connector. On left-hand side, remove brake cables from hand lever, remove knobs from dump valve lever (if so equipped) and three-way valve lever and remove axle cover mounting bolts.

On right-hand side, disconnect hydraulic control lever assembly and remove axle cover mounting bolts. Unbolt and remove fenders, axle cover and seat as one unit.

Disconnect and remove drawbar assembly and hitch lift arms, leveling levers and lower links. Remove external hydraulic filter. Disconnect hydraulic hoses and lines from remote valve, then remove remote valve and couplers.

Disconnect cable from draft sensing unit. Use a hoist to support pto assembly. Remove pto housing mounting bolts and install two guide studs. Remove pto unit and withdraw pto drive shaft.

Disconnect brake lines and cap openings. Push differential lock pedal down and secure with wire to hold it in engaged position. Support final drive with suitable hoist and lifting bracket, remove mounting bolts and remove final drive assembly.

Repeat for opposite side. Push differential lock sleeve in and down to disengage from selector fork, then remove sleeve and spring.

Release differential lock pedal. Pull sleeve and spring away from differential and put a piece of fiat metal between spring and differential to hold spring clear while removing axle housing.

Support axle housing with a hoist and sling, remove mounting bolts and remove axle housing from main frame.

Remove gear selector assemblies from transmission cover. Remove cover mounting bolts and lift out wedge and shims from front of transmission cover. Lift cover from rear main frame.

Attach a lifting eye to transmission rear end frame, then use a hoist to support transmission unit. Remove snap ring from groove in clutch shaft and slide coupling forward.

On Case 1490, 1294 Tractor equipped with David Brown front drive axle, remove bolt from drive shaft coupler and move coupler rearward.

On all models, remove transmission mounting bolts and bushings. Move transmission rearward to disengage drive couplers, then lift transmission unit from frame. Retain any shims used with clutch shaft coupler.

Reinstall Operations

Fig.15. View of end plates, shift rods and shift forks

1.Front end plate, 2.Top spacer bar, 3.Rear end plate, 4.Shim, 5.Bushing, 6.Mounting bolts, 7.Tab washer, 8.Differential cap bolt, 9.Bottom spacer bar, 10.2nd & 3rd shift rod, 11.2nd & 3rd selector, 12.1st & reverse selector, 13.1st & reverse shift fork, 14.1st & reverse shift rod, 15.Gear lock, 16.2nd & 3rd shift fork, 17.Shift fork,
slow/normal, 18.Slow/normal shift rod, 19.Selector, 20.Roll pin, 21.Detent ball, 22.Detent spring, 23.Range shift rod, 24.Shifter fork, Hi-Lo, 25.Sleeve, 26.Steel ball, 27.Plunger, 28.Plunger, 29.Shim, 30.Safety start switch, 31.Hi - Lo selector jaw, 32.Sleeve, 33.Spacer

Clean all foreign material from housing mounting surfaces. Install front drive axle coupler (if so equipped) on pinion shaft. Install original shims onto transmission input shaft and position coupler on clutch shaft.

Install Case IH 1294, 1490 Tractor transmission into main frame and slide it forward into couplers. Install transmission mounting bolts without the bushings (5).

Be sure both lugs of transmission front housing contact the frame. If lugs are not flat on frame, loosen the four transmission housing nuts and push housing down against frame. Tighten nuts to 95 Nm (70 ft.-lbs.) torque when lugs are flat on frame.

Fig.16. Clearance between transmission clutch shaft coupler and snap ring should be 0.2-1.0 mm (0.008-0.040 Inch). Add or subtract shims to adjust

Remove transmission mounting bolts, reinstall bolts with bushings and tighten to 163 Nm (120 ft.-lbs.) torque. Use a feeler gage to check clearance between bolt heads and housing lugs. Clearance should be 0.08-0.50 mm (0.003-0.020 inch). If necessary, install shims (4) below bushings (5) to obtain desired clearance.

Measure clearance between clutch shaft coupler and snap ring. Clearance should be 0.2-1.0 mm (0.008-0.040 inch). Add or remove shims on transmission input gear to obtain correct clearance.

On Case 1490, 1294 Tractor equipped with David Brown front drive axle, install bolt and locknut in transfer gearbox coupler.

Fig.17. On tractor equipped with Carraro front drive axle, clearance between transfer gearbox shaft and pinion shaft coupler must not exceed 0.30 mm (0.012 Inch)

On Case IH 1294, 1490 Tractor equipped with Carraro front drive axle, measure clearance between transfer gearbox shaft and pinion shaft coupler. If clearance exceeds 0.30 mm (0.012 inch), unseat snap ring that holds coupler adjusting screw.

Turn adjusting screw to move coupler until desired clearance is obtained, then reinstall snap ring
over adjusting screw. Install transmission cover, wedge and shims, but do not tighten mounting bolts.

Position differential lock sleeve in right-hand side of rear axle housing. Groove in sleeve must be aligned with differential lock selector fork.

Install rear axle housing onto Case 1490, 1494 transmission housing making certain that lubrication supply tube in axle housing is connected with transmission lubrication tube. Be sure small diameter lubrication tube in rear axle housing is installed into hole in lubrication flange for pto shaft.

Install differential lock return spring into axle housing through right-hand axle hole. Use special tool, or other suitable tool, to insert differential lock sleeve into axle housing.

Push sleeve in and down to engage selector fork with groove in sleeve. Push sleeve in until it engages internal splines of differential carrier, then wire differential lock linkage in engaged position.

Install differential lock spring into differential and differential lock sleeve.

Insert special tool, or other suitable tool, into axle housing and engage tool with splines of lock sleeve. Be sure groove in sleeve is engaged with selector fork, then lift sleeve and turn tit engage sleeve with differential lock ring gear. Use wire to fasten differential lock linkage in engaged position.

Tighten 0,5 inch axle housing mounting torque bolts to 110-130 Nm (80-95 ft.-lbs.) torque and mounting bolts to 205-245 N-m (150-180 ft.-lbs.) torque. Tighten transmission cover mounting bolts to 110-130 N-m (80-95 ft.-lbs.) torque.

Install final drive assemblies, pto drive shaft and pto assembly. Pto unit should slide easily into position. Do not use mounting bolts to pull pto into position as damage to engine crankshaft thrust surfaces could result. Complete installation by reversing the removal procedure.