Specifications, Service and Repair of Farm and Lawn Tractors


Case 1394, 1494 Tractor Synchromesh transmission with shift selector levers

Case IH 1294, 1394, 1490, 1494, 1594 Tractor synchromesh transmission have a three forward and one reverse gear section and a four-speed range section providing twelve forward and four reverse gear choices.

A synchromesh hub between second and third gear permits on the move gear shifts from first to second and second to third and a down shift on the move from third to second by depressing foot clutch and shifting.

Shift levers

Fig.8. View of range and transmission shift selector levers for tractors without cabs equipped with synchromesh transmission

1.Knob, 2.Retaining ring, 3.Lever, 4.Boot, 5.Housing, 6.Ball housing, 7.Ball housing, 8.Roll pin, 9.Selector shaft arm, 10.Oil seal, 11.Selector shaft, 12.Selector lever, 13.Gasket, 14.Core plug, 15.Roll pin, 16.Knob, 17.Retainer ring, 18.Lever, 19.Lever, 20.Housing, 21.Bushing, 22.Gasket, 23.Snap ring, 24.Bushing, 25.Roll pin, 26.Selector lever, 27.Selector lever, 28.Washer, 29.Selector tube, 30.Selector shaft, 31.Roll pin

Transmission or range selector lever assemblies may be removed as separate units from transmission top cover. Shift rods are carried in transmission assembly end plates.

Remove Case IH 1394, 1494 tractor transmission

Remove muffler, air intake precleaner, engine hood and side covers. Remove hand and foot operated throttle control rods and engine stop cable.

Disconnect fuel lines, necessary power steering lines, tachometer drive cable and all necessary electrical connections, then remove fuel tank (without cab) and instrument panel.

Drain oil from transmission. Remove remote valve couplers and support bracket. Disconnect remote valve hoses and remove remote valve assembly.

Disconnect draft sensing cable at hitch upper link connection. Remove drawbar mounting bolts and lower drawbar assembly to the ground. Remove vacuum switch from bottom of pto housing.

Attach a hoist to pto housing. Remove housing bolts and install a guide stud on each side of housing. Slide housing rearward on studs and remove pto unit from tractor. Withdraw pto clutch shaft from rear of tractor.

Remove hydraulic pump, pressure line retaining bracket and pump support plate from rear of tractor.

Support each side of Case 1394, 1494 tractor with suitable stands. Raise rear of tractor and position a suitable support stand under center of rear frame.

Remove left and right wheels and final drive assemblies. Remove right-hand brake assembly, right-hand seal, differential lock sleeve and spring.

Remove transmission dipstick and transmission range and gear selector lever assemblies from transmission cover. Remove mounting bolts from transmission cover and rear axle case. Remove wedge and shim from front of transmission cover. Lift transmission cover from housing.

Support axle housing with a hoist. Disconnect differential lock linkage and hand brake linkage. Remove axle housing mounting bolts, then remove housing from main frame.

Remove lubrication line from transmission. Remove mounting bolts from clutch shaft bearing carrier. Remove transmission mounting bolts and bushings. Remove transmission rearward from main frame.

Reinstall Case IH 1394, 1494 tractor transmission

Using a hoist, install transmission assembly in main frame. Install mounting bolts and bushings. Tighten bolts to 163 N-m (120 ft.-lbs,) torque, then measure clearance between bolt heads and end plate using a feeler gage.

Clearance should be 0.08-0.50 mm (0.003-0.020 inch). If clearance is not within this range, add or remove shims (4) below bushing (5). Tighten clutch shaft bearing retainer mounting bolts to 23-27 Nm (17-20 ft-Ibs.).

Apply gasket sealer to front mating surface of rear axle housing, then install axle housing assembly. Tighten inch mounting bolts to 110-130 N-m (80-95 ft.-lbs.) torque and % inch mounting bolts to 205-245 N-m (150-180 ft.-lbs.) torque. Connect differential lock linkage.

Apply gasket sealer to upper surface of rear axle housing. Install transmission lubrication tube. Install IH Case 1394, 1494 transmission cover and drive the wedge and shim into gap at front of cover.

Tapered side of wedge must be against clutch housing. Tighten diameter rear mounting bolts to 110-130 N-m (80-95 ft.-lbs.) torque and diameter rear mounting bolts to 205-245 N-m (150-180 ft-lbs.) torque.

Tighten side and front mounting bolts to 110-130 N-m (80-95 ft.-lbs.) torque. Install gear selector housings and tighten mounting bolts to 23-27 N-m (17-20 ft.-lbs.) torque.

Install spring for differential lock in right side axle opening and install differential locking sleeve using special tool. Use wire to hold differential lock linkage in engaged position until final drive is installed. Install axle housing seals and brake shoes.

Install final drive assemblies and tighten mounting bolts to 68 N-m (50 ft.-lbs.) torque. Install wheels and tighten nuts to 190 N-m (140ft.-lbs.) torque.

Remove support stands. Connect brake lines and parking brake linkage. Install hydraulic pump support plate, pressure tube retainer bracket and hydraulic pump.

Tighten pump mounting bolts to 47-57 N-m (35-40 ft.-lbs.) torque. Install pto drive shaft. Using a hoist, install pto assembly. Put pto in gear and turn output shaft to engage splines of drive shaft and teeth of hydraulic pump gear.

Remove guide studs, install mounting bolts and tighten to 102 N-m (75 ft.-lbs.) torque. Complete installation by reversing removal procedure. Install a new transmission filter and fill transmission with oil.