Specifications, Service and Repair of Farm and Lawn Tractors


MF 3050, 3070 Tractor Gearbox Shifter rail, forks and Selector

Massey Ferguson 3070, 3050, 3125, 3105 tractors gearbox Shifter rail and forks Reassembly



- Check that the hydraulic ports of the High/Low cylinder (10) are unobstructed.

- Fit the cylinder (10) together with the «0» ring (11) in the housing.

- Position the High/Low fork (20) in the coupler.

- Fit the seals (12) and (14) on the piston (13) then insert it into the cylinder bore.

- The setscrew holes should face the tapped holes in the fork. Immobilize the fork with a setscrew (19).

- Clean and assemble the mechanical lock (22), the tapered bearing (23), the cone (24) and castellated nut (21).

- Fit the 3rd and 4th speed gear forks (6), 1st and 2nd gears (5) and the lock assembly (25).

- Insert the selector rail (7) through the rear of the housing and slide it into the piston, the Jock assembly and the forks.

- For the MF 3070, 3050 Tractor 4x4 gearbox, do not forget the Al B fork (4).

- Fit the bearing (15) and tighten the bolts (16) to a torque of 27-32 Nm.

- Clean the setscrew (8) with solvent, coat with Loctite 542 and tighten to a torque of 28-43 Nm.

- Clean the insert (9). coat with Loctite 542 and press it in level with the housing.

- Fit the locking plungers (3), the springs (2) and tighten the plugs (1) to a torque of 50-70 Nm. Note: Gearbox fitted with creeper gears (Fig.61).



- Fit the sleeve (5), the fork (4) and the pin (1). Position the fork and the locking plunger (3) on the flat of the shifter rail (6) (between the two locking notches).

- Tighten the locking peg to compress the ball. Slacken the screw a quarter turn. Clean the nut (2) with solvent and coat with Loctite 241.

- Tighten to a torque of 15-20 Nm. Check that the fork is correctly locked. Setting the High/Low range fork.

- Principle: Positioning or the selector fork (20) on the rail is made possible by the different centre to centre distances of the tapped holes Y and of the notches Z on the piston (13).

- The fork's position is altered by turning either the front screw or the rear screw as necessary (Fig.62).

- Position the control piston (13) and the coupler (31) in the High range.

- Keep the coupler in contact with the high range gear (29) (3rd gear on the 4 x 2 gearbox - 4th gear on the 4 >; 4 box).

- Adjust the position of the fork (20) by turning the two adjusting screws (19) after cleaning them with a solvent and lightly coating them with Loctite 221 to obtain a play of J1 s 0.3 mm between the rear face of the plate and the coupler.

- Use the locally made-up tool to carry out the adjustment.

- Position the control piston (13) and the coupler (31) in Low range.

- Check that there is a play of J2 = 0.3 minimum (value obtained by J1 adjustment) between the plate and the coupler with the latter in contact with the Low range gear (36) (Fig.65).

- Tighten the screws to a torque of 35 Nm without changing the adjustment. Note: In Low range position, if the face X of the fork (20) plate is in contact with the coupler (Fig.65) increase the play J1.

- Move the fork into the Low range position.

- Slightly slacken the castellated nut (21). Lightly coat the thread of the cone (24) with Loctite 270.

- Move the forks into the neutral position.

- Divide the J3 and J4 play (minimum 0.3 mm) equally so that the mechanical lock (22) moves freely.

- Tighten the castellated nut (21) to a torque of 50 Nm using spanner 3615334 M01 and a spring balance.

- Coat the inner face of the slider (18) with Loctite 648 and the bolt (17) with Loctite 241, Fit the washer and the bolt.

- Equalize the J5 and J6 clearances (minimum 0.3 mm) between the slider and the lock in the High and Low range positions.

- Tighten the bolt to a torque oi 27-32 Nm.

- Check the operation of the High/Low range and of the lock.

- Check the operation of the gears and of the A/B range.



MF 3050, 3070 Gearbox Reverse shuttle selector - Adjustment:


- Move the selector (1) into neutral.

- Fit and tighten service tool 3582434 M01 with two centring bolts fitted with spacers.

- Coat the setscrews (2) with Loctite 221.

- Position face X of the reverse shuttle selector in contact with the service tool using the screws (2).

- Tighten the screws to a torque of 35 Nm.

- Remove the tool.

Selector cover – Refitment MF 3050, 3070 Tractor 4x2 Gearbox:


- Clean the mating face of the cover (56).

- Move the reverse shuttle selector into neutral. Engage 1st gear.

- Coat the mating face of the gearbox housing with a gasket sealant. Note: Remember to position the bolt (1) on the housing (Fig. 72).

- Turn the two cover levers to the left, keeping them parallel.

- Lay the cover on the gearbox ensuring that the levers are correctly positioned in the selectors (Fig.73).

- Carry out procedure 5 in reverse, Note: Tightening torque 50-70 Nm.


- the movement of all the gears and the position of the High/Low (Hare/Tortoise) range,
- the operation of the reverse shuttle.


MF 3050, 3070 Tractor 4x4 Gearbox


- Clean the mating face of the cover (57).

On the gearbox:

- Check that the reverse shuttle selector is in neutral and the A/B fork in position B (forwards).

- Engage 1st gear.

On the cover:


- Remove the pressure valve (58) and the plunger 59 (Fig. 74).

- Lock the control shaft (53) in position B with lugs (66) and (54) lined up (Fig. 76) using tool 3615053 M01 (Fig.74) (tighten but not fully).

- Move the lug 61 of the A/B fork into position B (forwards). Move the gear lever to the left (into 1st) (36).

- Assemble the cover on the gearbox by engaging the lugs (54) and (66) in the reverse shuttle selector and the lug 61 into the A/B fork, then engage the lug (36) into the 1st and 2nd gear fork and the mechanical lock (Fig.76).

- Position the cover. Fit the bolts and tighten to a torque of 50-70 Nm. Remove tool 3615053 M01.

- For a gearbox fitted with creeper gears, fit the cable bracket (1) (Fig. 77) To correctly centre the cover, first tighten bolt 3 (Fig.77). Carry out a manual check, using the levers, that the lugs have been correctly fitted into the selectors.

- Install the plunger 59 and the pressure valve (58) and tighten to a torque of 18-20 Nm.


- the free movement of all gears
- the High/Low range positions

Adjust the A/B range.