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Massey Ferguson 3655 - Operating problems

Some days ago I recognized some trouble on my MF 3655. Engine can not turn over. Tell me please what is the probable breakdown?

Fuel grade is wrong. The fuel pump drive is faulty. Check and overhaul. Timing of fuel injection pump is incorrect. Adjust if needed.

Massey Ferguson 3655 breakdowns. Poor engine performance. How should I solve the problem?

Clogged air cleaner - Clean or replace element. Faulty injectors. Locate the faulty injectors, wash and adjust them.

Tell me what happened if diesel engine stalls?

Dirt, water, or ice in fuel system. Jet nozzle clogged - Replace or repair the nozzle.

3655 tractor failure. Transmission shift hard at low speeds. What could it be?

Worn or defective clutch - Replace worn parts.

Here is my question - why my steering wheel turns around not resisting? How do I act to correct the situation?

Low oil index - Pour completely. Possible malfunction steering hydraulic cylinder - Make a replacement. The steering pump is defective - Repair pump.

I bought MF 3655 in march. Now there is breakdown. Diesel motor won't start. Can anybody help me identify a source of malfunction?

Starter speed is slow - Check starter and replace if necessary. Fuel pipes are contaminated - Flush and clean the fuel pipe. There is dirt in the fuel filter - Change the filter. Piston ring failure - Refit a new set of piston rings.

I have the same tractor. Recently I noticed the steering is very hard. Help me find out what is a breakdown?

Minimum Oil Rating. Air bubbles in hydraulic system. Bleed air out of the system. Check the suction pipe and rectify any leakage. Breakage of hydraulic hoses. It is necessary to eliminate a damage. Steering pump is worn out. Repair the pump. Hydraulic power steering is defective. Install the new power steering.

3655 model problem. Diesel engine hard to start. Help me specify the reason of failure. What should I check?

Engine flooded. Engine oil filter restricted. Water, rust or stale fuel in tank. Cold start system worked incorrectly. Piston rings are wear or deformed. Defective fuel pump drive shaft. Water in fuel. Crankcase oil too heavy. Use oil of proper viscosity.

Massey Ferguson 3655 engine troubles. Motor hard starting regularly. How could i fix this defect?

Restriction in fuel tank vent. Air leakage to the fuel inlet. Exhaust pipe is clogged. Slow starter speed. Dirty or faulty injectors. Clogged fuel filter. Clean or replace fuel filter. Fuel shut-off valve closed. Open fuel shut-off valve.

Steering doesn’t function on my tractor. What repairs should I do?

The air is in hydraulic system. You should release air from system. Small level of hydraulic oil in the tank. It is required to add oil. Wear of the hydraulic steering cylinder Check and repair.

I own the same model. Why motor doesn't start? How could i resolve an issue?

Valve timing is incorrect - Need setting of valve timing. Bad compression. Wear cylinder bores - Repair it. Leakage between valves and seats - Eliminate leak.

3655 tractor failures. The engine knocks. what is the probable failure?

This is a small residue of engine oil. Fill up. Too much bearing play. Injection volume incorrectly set - Adjust settings.

I can not understand why front axle is cracking regularly when tractor run?

Teeth of gears collapsed. Replace gears. Roller bearings are very worn out. Fit new bearings.

I own this tractor three years. Sometimes engine start is intermittent. What a breakdown?

Injection nozzle is dirty. You must to inspect a nozzle. The fuel pump does not work. Replace high-pressure fuel pump.

I get the same model. Tell me what reason if locking differential is damaged suddenly? How to solve the problem?

Diaphragm worn out or replace friction clutch discs. Change worn components.

Our company has Massey Ferguson 3655. Diesel engine does not start. Tell me what's issue?

Possibly this is a clogged fuel filter. Otherwise the fuel pump adjustment is not correct.

Please help me. Diesel overheats regularly. How to repair it?

Low coolant level - Fill coolant and check cooling system for loose connections or leak. Dirty radiator core, or grille screens. Remove all trash. Too much load - you must reduce the load or speed. Loose or defective fan belt - Replace fan belt as required. Check belt tensioner.

My father has MF 3655. Three days ago he diagnosed knocking in the rear axle. What problem tell me?

These signs evidence of damaged bearings.

Please explain me what damage if motor emits white smoke?

If white smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe you must to change piston rings immediately. Injector pump or injectors delivering fuel unevenly. Check and service injectors and injector pump – specialist operation.