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MF 6170 - How to solve problems

A week ago I discovered trouble with my 6170 tractor. Engine will not rotate. Tell me please what kind of malfunction?

Wrong type or grade of fuel used. The fuel pump drive is faulty. Check and repair. Incorrect fuel pump timing. Adjust if necessary.

MF 6170 problems. Engine deficient output. How to solve the problem?

There is no full fuel feed due to misalignment of fuel pump control rods. Adjust control rods.

Help with the question what is defect if irregular engine running?

Dirt, water, or ice in fuel system. Jet nozzle clogged - Replace or repair the nozzle.

6170 tractor question. Transmission shifts hard. What happened?

Wrong transmission lubricant - Drain and fill with recommended lubricant.

Please give me information why steering wheel spinning without resistance? What should I do for troubleshooting?

The minimum oil level - Fill the tank. Steering cylinder has problems - Change the seal. Steering pump have worn - Replace pump.

I acquired Massey Ferguson 6170 in november. Presently there is damage. Diesel won't start. Can somebody help me determine the source of problem?

Starter failure - Check starter and replace if necessary. Fuel pipes are contaminated - Clean and wash. Filter element is dirty - Replace it. Piston rings are broken - Replace the piston rings.

I bought the same tractor. Recently I noticed steering wheel operate hard. Help me find out what are possible malfunctions?

The minimum oil level. Defective steering units pump. Improper toe-in. The front wheels are not aligned correctly. Leak in hydraulic connections. Eliminate the problem. Steering pump is defective. Replace the pump. Power steering is damaged. Requires repair.

6170 model problem. Diesel motor is difficult to start. Help me find prime cause of issue. What can I do?

Loose or corroded electrical connections. Plugged fuel filter. Remove Air Filter and clean. Incorrect functions of the cold start system. Defect or failure of piston rings. Valve Leakage/Adjustment Bad. Water in fuel. Crankcase oil too heavy. Use oil of proper viscosity.

Massey Ferguson 6170 engine issues. Engine starts hard regularly. How do i fix malfunction?

Restriction in fuel tank vent. Air leaks on intake hoses. Clogging in exhaust pipe. Slow starter speed. Diesel injection nozzles faulty or sticking. Filter clogged. Long Idle periods.

Steering stopped working on my tractor. Why did this happen?

The air is in hydraulic system. You need remove air. Low hydraulic oil rate in the tank. Pour completely. Steering cylinder has problems Repair it.

I own the exact same model. Why diesel motor has not been started? How could i solve a problem?

Wrong valve timing - Adjust valve timing. Compression increase. Cylinder bores are worn - Need overhaul. Leakage between valves and seats - Eliminate leak.

MF 6170 problems. This is a diesel motor knock. what is the probable trouble?

Lack of oil. Fill with oil. Too much bearing play. Injection volume incorrectly set - Adjust settings.

Please help to understand why driving front axle to howls incessantly when tractor run?

Defective gear. Replace gears. Roller bearings have damage. Fit new bearings.

I own this model about 4 years. Recently, engine start is intermittent. What a breakdown?

Injector is clogged. You must checking a nozzle. Injection pump does not work. Install a new injection pump.

I bought the exact same tractor. Can someone explain to me what reason if differential lock broke down immediately? How to solve the problem?

This is the diaphragm rupture or discs friction clutch worn out. Change worn components.

I'm using Massey Ferguson 6170. Diesel engine not starting. Tell me How can I eliminate a breakdown?

Probably Dirt in the fuel system. Or the fuel pump not adjusted.

I have trouble. Engine constantly overheats. What kind of malfunction?

Low coolant level. Fill radiator to proper level, check radiator, coolant recovery tank, and hoses for loose connection or leaks. Water pump is broken or its drive belt is too loose, resulting in water overheating. Check and adjust. Water temp. Gauge not working - Check and faulty replace. Engine overloaded - Reduce engine load. Fan belt is damaged. Change as required.

My friend has MF 6170. Day before yesterday he heard a loud knocking in the rear axle housing. What is the malfunction?

All symptoms point to destruction of bearings.

Can someone say me why diesel engine exhaust white gas?

When white gas comes from exhaust pipe you required to replace piston rings urgently. Clogged air cleaner - Clean or replace elements.