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Massey Ferguson 2640 - Major failure and repair

Yesterday I noticed a failure on my MF 2640. Motor can not rotate. Explain me what is the probable damage?

You used an incorrect type of fuel. The injection pump is broken. Check and overhaul. Incorrect fuel pump timing. Adjust if needed.

Massey Ferguson 2640 malfunctions. Engine has low power or compression. How to troubleshoot it?

Incorrect fuel injection timing. Injection nozzle faulty or incorrect injection cycle. Insufficient fuel supply - Check fuel system.

Can someone say me what happened if engine runs unevenly?

Engine overheating. Defective injection nozzle. Loose electrical connections.

2640 tractor issue. Transmission shifts hard in reverse. What's fault?

Linkage binding, bent, or loose - Free, straighten, or tighten as needed.

Somebody help me why steering wheel spinning too easy? What are my actions to get rid of problem?

Low oil index - It is required to top up the oil. Steering cylinder has a defect - Make a replacement. Pump steering broke - Check the steering pump.

I purchased MF 2640 in april. Currently there is damage. Diesel will not start. Can anybody help me diagnose the cause of failure?

Starter rotates slowly - Change or refit. Dirt in the fuel system - Clean and flush. The fuel filter element is dirty - Renstall filter element. Worn piston rings - Install new piston rings.

I have the same tractor. Recently I noticed steering wheel is hard to turn. Tell me what is a breakdown?

Low Oil Rating. Air bubbles in hydraulic system. Bleed air out of the system. Check the suction pipe and rectify any leakage. Leak in hydraulic connections. It is necessary to eliminate the problem. Steering pump is defective. Install the new pump. Power steering has a defect. Install the new power steering.

Massey Ferguson 2640 tractor failure. Diesel cranks but not starting. Please help me define the reason of damage. What do I need to check?

Low compression. Oil pump worn or passages obstructed. Cold start system used incorrectly. Piston rings are wear or deformed. Gasket Blow-By or Leakage. Water mixed in the fuel. Fuel too heavy at low temperature.

2640 engine damages. Diesel long starting regularly. How can i fix damage?

Clogging in fuel tank vent. Air leak on the suction side of the system. Exhaust pipe is clogged. Slow starter speed. Diesel injection nozzles faulty or sticking. Clogged fuel filter. Clean or replace fuel filter. Long Idle periods.

Steering not working on my tractor. What is problem?

The air was formed in hydraulic system. You need remove air. Low oil rate in system. Pour completely. Problem with the hydraulic steering cylinder Replace the faulty part.

I use the exact same tractor. Why motor doesn't start? How can i fix it?

Valve timing is incorrect - Make adjustment. Compression increase. Cylinder bores wear - You must fix it. Leakage between valves and seats - Remove leaks.

Massey Ferguson 2640 failures. I hear a diesel engine knocking. what is the probable issue?

Oil of small quantity. Add oil. Coolant temperature dropped.

I can't figure it out why tractor front axle to rattle constantly at work?

Defective gear. You need to install new gears. Roller bearings are firmly erased. You need to change it.

I own this model about 5 years. Recently, diesel starting is intermittent. How to get rid of this?

Injection nozzle has clog. You must checking a nozzle. Injection pump is damaged. Install a new high-pressure fuel pump.

I get the same model. Can someone explain to me what reason if locking differential does not work immediately? How to solve the problem?

This is the diaphragm rupture or disks of the friction clutch are worn out. Change worn components.

I'm using MF 2640. Engine does not start. Tell me how can I fix this?

We can assume this is a clogged fuel filter. Otherwise the fuel pump adjustment is not correct.

I have trouble. Motor overheats regularly. What is the problem?

Low coolant level. Fill radiator to proper level, check radiator, coolant recovery tank, and hoses for loose connection or leaks. Defective thermostat - Replace. Dirty, plugged, or damaged shrouding or engine fins. Insufficient engine oil - Inspect oil level and replenish if necessary. Engine overloaded. Shift to lower gear or reduce load. Fan belt is damaged. Change as required.

My dad uses 2640 model. Yesterday he got a crunch in the rear axle. What's wrong?

All sounds evidence of defect in the axle reducer.

Tell me what is the reason that diesel exhaust white gas?

When white gas appeared from the exhaust pipe you must to carry out replacement of piston rings immediately. Incorrect injection timing - Adjust correctly.