Specifications, Service and Repair of Farm and Lawn Tractors


John Deere 3005 Tractor Specs Overview

John Deere 3005 Tractor Engine

Engine Model - Yanmar 3TNV82A
Engine Power, Rated, hp (kW) - 27 (17.9)
Engine Speed, rpm - 2700
Power Boost, hp (kW) - No boost
Fuel Tank, gal (L) - 6.3 (24)
Cylinders - 3
Displacement, cu in (L) - 81.2 (1.331)
Engine Bore, in (mm) - 3.23 (82)
Engine Stroke, in (mm) - 3.31 (84)
Block Design, Replaceable Liners - Cast-in block
Aspiration, Turbocharged or Naturally Aspirated - Natural

Tractor Fuel System

Fuel System Description - In-Line Pump System
Fuel System Control - Mechanical
Fuel Injection to combustion chamber - Direct

Emission and Exhaust Treatment

Exhaust Pipe - Underhood std; vertical opt

Cooling System

Fan Drive Type - Belt

Electrical System

System Rating, Volts - 12
Alternator Rating, Amps - 40

John Deere 3005 Tractor Transmission

Description - Sliding Gear
Transmission Type - Gear
Forward / Reverse Speeds - 8F / 2R
Maximum Speed Forward, mph (kph) - 12.7 (20.5)

John Deere 3005 Tractor PTO (Power take off)

PTO Horsepower, hp (kW) - 24.0 (17.6)
PTO Speeds, rpm - 540
PTO operational Type - Live


Drive Wheels - 2WD / 4WD
Tractor Steering Configuration - Front Steer

John Deere 3005 Tractor Rear Axle

Final Drive - Spur gear
Axle Output End - Flange
Axle Bar Diameter, in (mm) - No bar axle


Brake Type - Dry Shoe

John Deere 3005 Tractor Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System Type - Open Center
Main Hydraulic Pump Type - Gear
Standard Pump Flow, gpm (Lpm) - 9.4 (36.4)
Optional Pump Flow, gpm (Lpm) - 10.5 (39.6)
Standard Remote Valves - 2

3-Point Hitch Features

3-Point Hitch Category - Category 1
Draft Sensing or Lift Control - Position Control
Draft Link Ends Adjustable - Yes

3-Point Hitch Lift Capacity

Standard Lift Capacity 24 Inches behind pin, lb (kg) - 815 (370)


Drawbar Description - Swinging Drawbar


Wheelbase, 2WD, in (mm) - 61 (1550)
Wheelbase, 4WD, in (mm) - 61 (1550)

Tire Size

Front Tire Size, 2WD - 5.00 - 15 6PR (F2 Rib)
Front Tire Size, 4WD - 7.00 - 14 6PR (R1 - Bar)
Rear Tire Size - 11.2 - 24 4PR (R1 - Bar)

Optional iMatch Quick Hitch makes lining up and attaching rear implements a snap.

Fixed Roll Over Protective Structure – certifi ed to ASAE standards.

Effortless John Deere 3005 Tractor Power Steering even during loader operation.

27.5 HP – Yanmar Liquid-Cooled Diesel Engine. Effi cient diesel engines that offer deep reserves of torque for handling tough loads.

Quik-Park 300 Series Loader can be attached and detached in less than three minutes with no tools.

Standard differential lock and 4WD (optional 2WD) add traction going over challenging ground.

John Deere 3005 Tractor Optional Extras

– Electro-hydraulic 3rd SCV

– Electric diverter/2 add’l rear hydraulic couplers

– 4th/5th independent SCVs (open station only)

– Power beyond hydraulics

– A-frame front hitch

– Air ride seat

– Automotive-style cruise control (eHydro and AutoHST)

– Canopy

– Hydraulic mower lift

– Mid PTO

– Sunshade umbrella

– Top-and-tilt kit for 3-point hitch

– Vertical exhaust

– AutoConnect mid-mower deck

– ComfortGard Cab

– iMatch Quick-Hitch

John Deere 3005 Tractor Three-Point Hitch

Rockshaft Control Lever:

- The three-point hitch is a Category 1 hitch.

- Use rockshaft control lever to raise and lower equipment attached to the three-point hitch.

- Adjust depth stop to maintain implement operating depth.

Rate of Drop/Lock Valve:

The rate of drop/lock valve controls the rate of rockshaft drop when the rockshaft control lever is operated. This provides direct rate of drop control for 3-point hitch mounted implements. The valve can also be used to hydraulically lock the rockshaft (three-point hitch) in a desired position.

Increase Rate of Drop - Rotate rockshaft rate of drop control knob counterclockwise.

Decrease Rate of Drop - Rotate rockshaft rate of drop control knob clockwise.

Lock Three-Point Hitch - Rotate rockshaft rate of drop control knob clockwise until tight.

Unlock Three-Point Hitch - Rotate rockshaft rate of drop control knob counterclockwise.

Leveling Implement John Deere 3005 Tractor Front-to-Rear:

- Park machine safely.

- When the three-point hitch is not being used, place center link in the storage hook.

- Loosen locknut.

- Rotate center link body to lengthen or shorten the center link.

- Tighten locknut.

Leveling Implement Side-to-Side:

- Lower any rear mount implement to the ground.

- Loosen locknut on adjustable lift link.

- Rotate lift link handle to raise or lower draft link until 3-point hitch mounted implement is level from side-to-side.

- Tighten locknut.

Adjusting Implement Side-to-Side Sway:

- Lower any rear mount implement to the ground.

- Remove spring locking pin.

- Rotate turnbuckle to adjust length.

- Install spring locking pin.

Installing John Deere 3005 Tractor Hitch:

- Remove three drilled pins and two bushings from quick-attach hitch.

- Use machine rockshaft control lever to fully lower 3-point hitch draft links.

- Position quick-attach hitch near draft links and adjust 3-point hitch sway links to align draft links with quick-attach hitch.

- Install quick-attach hitch on draft links using drilled pins.

- Install 3-point hitch center link on quick-attach hitch using center link quick-lock pin and drilled pin.

Connecting Implement:

- Install two bushings included with quick-attach hitch on drilled pins in implement draft link lift brackets.

- Move levers on quick-attach hitch to unlocked position.

- Back machine into position and align quick-attach hitch with implement lift brackets.

- Use rockshaft control lever to position quick-attach hitch under lift brackets and lift implement from ground.

- Fully raise implement. Move levers on quick-attach hitch to locked position.

John Deere 3005 Tractor Drawbar Hitch:

- Hitch towed loads only to the drawbar to avoid rearward upset.

- Certain heavy equipment such as a loaded single-axle trailer can place excessive strain on the drawbar.

- Strain is greatly increased by speed and rough ground. Do not exceed maximum vertical load of 306 kg (675 lb) on drawbar.

Adjusting Drawbar Length:

- The drawbar cannot be moved forward to the short position if tractor is equipped with a mid PTO.

- Remove pull pin, and drawbar pin.

- Adjust drawbar to desired operating positions, or to storage position.

- Install drawbar pin up from bottom of machine, and secure with pull pin.